I have always had a love for photography. From a young age there was a camera in my hand. This passion was inspired by my dad who is an talented photographer himself. I have fond memories of dad taking photographs at all events and posing for family photographs with mum and my 3 sisters. It was dad who gave me my first SLR at 12, a Pentax P30. Being a completely manual film camera taught me a huge amount and has been an invaluable gift.

As time went on I continued my photography by studying it as a year 12 subject and then going on to complete an Advanced Diploma of Photography (Commercial) at TAFE SA. Nature has always been my favorite subject to photograph with a special love for landscape and close up (macro). It was in my final semester at TAFE when completing my major in landscape and macro that I fell in love with this genre more.

From a young age I knew that photography would be my ideal job. Also knowing that there aren’t many positions that fit this criteria, I knew I would have to create it myself. Photography by Kate started in October 2013 with a card range of 10 designs. Now nearly 5 years on my business has slowly expanded. My greeting card range now consists of more than 40 cards and new products like gift tags and postcards have been added.

I am a proud Australian and all my products are either printed in Adelaide or made in Australia. As there are so many talented and quality business in Adelaide, I love to support them.

I call myself a creation photographer as it is a great way to describe the world around us. It fits the beautiful natural creation that surrounds us, the man made creation that humans have made like buildings and jetties, and the artistic scenes that we create like the ones the depict Christmas and birthdays.

I am married to Jeff and have a young son Samuel. To me, family is incredibly important and they are a big part of my life.

I would love nothing more than to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy my photography as it shows the beauty of this world we live in.